Does this experience sound familiar to you?

You feel that there is something holding you back in life but you can't pin down what it is.
You are wanting to make a difference in the world but you don't have the confidence that you will.  
You struggle with expressing yourself to the people in your life and even to yourself.  
You have times when you feel you are unlovable or unworthy of love.
You feel thwarted in your commitments and desires in life.
You often experience bouts of imposter syndrome.
You are frequently questioning who you are and what you are here for. 


I have been in this exact spot and, unfortunately, it is SO common.
No one deserves to feel this way which is why I created Love Unleashed.
Through Love Unleashed I will share the path to full Self expression, unlimited Love in all areas of your life and the experience of true freedom.
I Am Ready To Transform!




When you embody love, you will experience peace, power, and freedom in all areas of life.


I want to see you live life like that!


I want to see humanity live life like that.



Through Love Unleashed you will come to know that Love is who you are.







Learn the tools and practices to consistently and reliably return yourself to Love.


Discover how to operate from and communicate from Love.


Take unhindered action towards fulfilling on your heart's desires. 


What is Love Unleashed All About? 

Love Unleashed will transform your understanding of Love.
You will discover that Love is not an emotion, a body sensation, a chemical reaction, a thing you do or try to show another. You will come to know that Love is who you are. At your very core, you are love. 


Through Love Unleashed there will be no concern that someone will take Love away from you or that you will ‘fall out of love’. No worry that you are ‘unlovable’ or ‘unworthy of love’. 
Love Unleashed will give you the incredible peace, power and freedom that comes when you identify your Self as Love.
You will learn the tools and practices to consistently and reliably return yourself to Love so you can operate from and communicate from Love.
You will experience Love in all areas of your life. A Love that is independent of your circumstances and your relationships. You can experience being ‘in love’ anywhere, with anyone or with no one. 
Your experience of your Self, others and the world will be transformed.

Is Love Unleashed the Right Fit For You? 


This program is perfect for you if - 


You have a desire to better yourself and live life to the fullest.
 You are committed to making an impact and are ready to experience love in all areas of life.
 You are searching for the ability to be fully Self expressed in the world.
 You are prepared to discover and live true to your purpose and passions.
 You are seeking a group of likeminded people who are all expanding and growing. 
 You are ready to experience peace, power, passion and freedom.
You’re just a few steps away from being fully aligned: mind, body, heart and soul.

This Program Is For Me

Here Is What You Can Expect When You Join Love Unleashed

8 x Weekly Live Zoom Sessions of Content (Tools, Practices and Distinctions)

8 x Weekly Live Zoom Group Coaching Sessions with Q&A

8 x Weekly Worksheets to Deepen Understanding and Implement Lessons Into Your Daily Life

Access to a Private Facebook Group to Connect With and Support Each Other

8 Week Course






8 Week Course + Personal Coaching


Best Results

Includes 8 x weekly personal coaching sessions with Cassie
Would you like to split the payment? 

8 Week Course


2 x Monthly Payments




8 Week Course + Personal Coaching


2 x Monthly Payments

Includes 8 x weekly personal coaching sessions with Cassie

Feedback From Our Awaken Leadership Community 

I met Cassie within a leadership coaching program and worked along side her for 2 years. Cassie’s effectiveness was shoulders above others with her ability to get to the bottom of what was happening for her client and compassionately bring it to their attention and support them in transforming it. I would work with her any day of the week as a colleague or client and can’t recommend her ability’s high enough.

Rebecca Doyle Cleaves

Cassie is a professional and powerful course leader who deeply loves and cares for her students. She works tirelessly to ensure that her courses are delivered to the highest standard and her participants get what they have come for. Cassie goes above and beyond to provide love and support if her people get challenged and is able to effectively coach them to dissolve blockages in leadership and life. Myself and many others have benefited from training with Cassie and have achieved dreams we never thought possible. Training with Cassie is to be surrounded by love.

Danielle Carman

  Snr Director - Dept of Environment

Cassie is an extraordinary coach and mentor, her soft heart shines through her coaching style. She posed great questions as possibilities for me that were both gentle but thought provoking, that left me feeling powerful in being the cause for action in my life. Her intergrity is of the highest standard, I feel safe to open and share my thoughts and feelings knowing she has my best interest at heart. I highly recommended Cassie as a coach. Thank you for impacting my life in a profound way!

Dee Grace

  QLD Fire & Rescue

Hi, I'm Cassie!

I was a little girl who wanted to change the world. My problem was that I was genetically shy. I was born that way. I was sure of it; as was everyone around me.
However, I was fascinated by the human race. I travelled the world for years observing different countries and cultures. When I saw the inequity and suffering, I was deeply affected by it.
I longed for a world where everyone had what they needed and were all treated with love and respect. But I felt paralysed to do anything about creating that change.
Then at the age of 27, I did my first personal development course and it rocked my world!
I began to uncover my limiting beliefs and the stories I’d created about myself, others, the world and life in general. I discovered that when I saw these stories as self created, in that moment I had a choice: honour that story, or create something else! My life transformed!
I was no longer genetically shy.
Shyness was my childhood creation as a form of self protection. It was no longer necessary, nor did it serve me.
I created myself newly to be Love and Leadership.
My life shifted direction in one weekend. I’d fallen in love with the depth, intensity and authenticity of the conversations that were had in that environment. I watched people’s lives change forever in one interaction. I was hooked. I wanted to have conversations like that for the rest of my life. So that’s what I did. I signed up for bootcamp style training in transformation for the next 8 years.
I became a coach, a head coach and program leader. I have now been a leadership and performance coach for over 12 years. I absolutely LOVE what I do. And I'm really good at it because I do whatever it takes for people to thrive in their life.
Having lived through a number of personal challenges over the last 15 years, I've put all my learnings into practice and I've discovered the jems in the darkness.
Now I want to give them to you. After navigating through some intense circumstances, emotions and feelings, do you know what I uncovered? LOVE. That at the bottom of every human experience and emotion, there is love.
Why? Because that is who we are! We are love. When you embody that love, you will experience peace, power, and freedom in all areas of life. I want to see you live life like that! I want to see humanity live life like that.
Which is why I have created Love Unleashed; an 8 week program that will guide you and deliver to you to your core; to LOVE. 

Don’t wait! Take control of your life today and start your journey to embodying love. 




Feedback From Our Awaken Leadership Community 

Cassie is an exceptionally talented coach as she has an extraordinary love for all people and when she is talking to you she acts with love and compassion. This is a rare gift. She does not judge or assess or compare you to others. She speaks with generosity and a deep caring that empowers the person being coached to act on what you say you are. She empowers others to become leaders in their own life and believe in their own ability to make the change they desire. 

Kerry Parry


I have known Cassie for almost 10 years and during that time I have had the pleasure of having Cassie as both my team leader and a personal coach. I found she has a real gift in her capacity to ‘listen for’, meaning she could listen beyond my words and get to the source of the issue as I presented it. This then allowed her to use language in such a way that left me understood and she was able to explain at times difficult concepts because I felt heard and willing to take on her coaching.

Randell Rankin

  Founder, CEO

Cassie has one of the most insightful ways of looking at my “issues” in life. She really brought clarity to how I could approach things that stopped me from achieving what I had always wanted in my life. Best of all was actionable tools that made it seem almost laughable I didn’t do it before. Would highly recommend working with her.

Matt Byway

  Sales Coach, Entrepreneur